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PTP helps customers strategize, design, and realize their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vision to fit their Customer Service and Customer 360 requirements while cutting costs, streamlining processes, and gathering customer information.

Make it Yours

Is Your CRM Solution Working for You?

By using a stock solution not tailored to your unique needs, you’re likely losing money, generating inaccurate customer data, and failing to meet your customer’s expectations. At the end of the day, CRM is a business tool. Your business tools should support your process, not your processes support your tool.


Build a Holistic Solution

Bring the Contact Center and CRM together

In this whitepaper, we explain 5 reasons why bridging the CRM and contact center gap is crucial to providing excellent customer experience.


CRM Solutions from PTP

Implementing a CRM solution from PTP will allow your support team to get a lot more done in a lot less time.

Gather Customer Data

The right customer data allows you to provide better service.

Work More Effectively

Cut costs and streamline your sales and service processes.

Get More Out of Your Investment

Stop wasting money on a valuable tool that you’re only scratching the surface with.


Higher Standards

We’re passionate about creating the best possible customer experience

Our senior team of professional engineers and analysts create holistic solutions to bridge together the CRM and contact center for some of the top brands in the world.

Constantly Innovating

Our CRM Services

Our integrated CRM solutions are customized to meet your service and sales needs.

  • CRM Optimization

    Case/Ticket Management, Process Automation, AI Chat Bots, SLA Enforcement, Knowledge Management, Contact Center Telephony Integration, and Self-Service

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Optimization

7 Innovative Ways to

Improve Customer Experience

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