Our Solution


Through unique system integrations, detailed assessments, and innovative technology, we help you gather more customer data to better understand your customer. This helps you deliver personalized interactions for less cost, as well as predict customer behaviors and buying patterns.

Journey Management

One of the best ways to truly understand your customer is to see the journey they take when interacting with your company. Journey Management is more than just a journey map, it’s seeing the end-to-end experience so you can personalize those interactions.


Customer Intelligence

You have a lot of systems and people in place to service customers. But are those systems connected? Are you capturing the right data to build a holistic view of your customer? If not, we can help. Bringing disparate systems together and using technology to collect data helps drive retention and satisfaction.


Personas aren’t just for marketing and sales. Companies are using personas to customize their customer outreach, creating greater interaction and a better experience. 

We have an experienced team of consultants who can help you create personas, using user archetypes, for all your customer segments. This will enable you to implement a customer-centric design that is tailored to your customer segment profiles and behaviors.


Customer Segmentation

While all customers are important, they differ with respect to the reasons they do business with you, the ways they choose to conduct that business, and the potential value that they represent to you. Based on these differences, a “one-size fits all” approach to engaging with your customers typically does not fit any one customer particularly well. 

We help you identify key characteristics and implement a strategy to classify your customers, so you can appropriately prioritize and tailor your opportunities and interactions based on customer segments. This helps you better allocate resources, so the most valuable customer interactions receive the highest attention leading to an enhanced experience.

Knowledge Management

PTP designs and integrates solutions that will harness the collective knowledge spread throughout your organization, share it across databases and divisions, and bring it to the forefront of your organization.

We help you implement leading tools and solutions to enable visibility into your organization, whether that is integration to an enterprise warehouse or built using custom reports. This empowers you to tackle and prioritize the big data that inundates your organization, so you have real-time reports tailored to your business needs. Actionable insight from reporting enables you to make knowledge-driven decisions and connect with your customers in a meaningful, personalized way.


Usability Testing

We test the way customers interact with your website, application or IVR to help align the user interface design with the user’s needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles. Our usability testing services provide quick and practical tools to accurately predict the user’s experience, so you can:

Discover and fix problems early in the process
Verify the success of your changes
Reliably benchmark your new application against legacy systems

At different points of the development lifecycle, we employ various usability testing techniques to ensure that our designs are usable, efficient and intuitive. Early in the design, we may do card sorting or Wizard of Oz testing to validate design decisions. Later in the project, we may initiate an evaluative usability study of the end-to-end system to identify any remaining usability issues.

360 Customer Strategy

Customer engagement strives to deepen an organization’s relationship with its current customers as well as establish new, high-value customer relationships.

We can help you develop and align a strategic vision for how you will engage and support your customers across channels, throughout the customer life cycle.

To do this, we work with you to understand who your customers are, what your brand is, how your brand is perceived, and what value your organization uniquely provides. This enables you to make informed decisions about investments needed, and those needed first with a strategic roadmap tied to your business drivers.


Work With Us To

Retain Happy Customers and Gain New Ones

When you’re working with the right tools that give you the best customer insights and make your operations flow smoother, it makes your agents do well in their roles. And when your agents do well in their roles, your customers’ needs are satisfied and they will turn to you again and again. Doesn’t that sound nice? Contact PTP today for an assessment to get started.