Journey Management

Understanding Your Customer’s Journey Gives You Greater ROI

Creating a holistic customer journey map is yet another way to improve customer experience and see astounding results.


The Aberdeen Group found that companies who use formal customer journey management programs experience a range of benefits, including a 54% greater return on marketing investment. For companies that don’t take advantage of customer journey management programs, there’s a major loss of potential ROI.


With gains like that, why would any company miss the opportunity to have a customer journey map strategy in place?


The Key to Tapping Into Your Customers’ Experiences

A customer journey map is a graphical representation of a customer’s entire journey or experience as he or she interacts with an organization. It allows you to see exactly how the customer is experiencing the provided service across various touchpoints — and where engagement is weakened or strengthened. In short, it enables you to take a well-informed, customer-centric approach to improvement. 

At PTP, we have a number of senior CX professionals who have helped create customer journey maps for major organizations such as EA Games and Samsung. We have a collaborative, engaging process to help you secure internal approval, build our customer journey maps, and implement your larger strategy across the organization.


Using Journey Mapping at Samsung to Refine Customer Care

Samsung recognized that their customers’ paths had some bumps along the way. Customers were frustrated with return processes and solving product issues, and agents were struggling to get the data they needed to provide great service. However, pinpointing the core issues was a challenge - that is, until we helped them develop customer journey maps.


PTP partnered with Samsung to identify the current customer and employee journeys, which allowed them to clarify their understanding of the difficulties at hand. As a result, Samsung was able to uncover all the pain points during interactions, create solutions to the issues, and build and deploy a full Center of Excellence, focused on improving customer care.

What We Delivered

In our work with Samsung, the deliverables were significant:

A detailed customer experience improvement roadmap
Measurable ROI
A comprehensive understanding of the existing and future customer paths
A targeted “Voice of the Customer” program

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