Customer Intelligence

How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer?

Customer intelligence is all the rage, but in all actuality, most companies struggle significantly when it comes to unifying customer data into a single source. Information can exist in your CRM systems, in your Contact Center solutions, and in the everyday interactions that occur between customers and sales, marketing, and service teams - so how do you put that valuable data to good use?


Unifying this data is the key, and PTP has the tools and knowledge to help you use the invaluable information you have to create a single, holistic view of your customer.

Collecting the Customer Data You Actually Need

At PTP, we are the only professional services firm that provides experience in both CRM and the Contact Center. Our engineers can assess your current environment and integrate disparate systems to create one source of truth. 


This includes customizing your IVR to harness the data in functions like speech analytics and historical reporting. We can also connect it to your CRM to integrate data created from sales and marketing interactions, social monitoring, and issue resolutions.  


This kind of customer data gives you the power to predict customer behavior patterns, proactively offering solutions and making decisions to connect in a personalized way. You’ll have all of the information you want - and none that you don’t - equipping you with a wealth of details for taking smart steps towards improvement.


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Customer Intelligence at EA

Electronic Arts (EA), one of the world’s largest video game companies, needed to find a way to gather insight on player behaviors to address and prevent user experience issues. They wanted to avoid broken games hitting the market—due to fixed release dates, external tie-ins, and other factors—by getting players involved during the product-launch stage. 


PTP re-architected EA’s text analytics solution to solve the challenges at hand. EA’s data science team wanted to scale the current customer writing tool from 2X to 10X the current level of performance but PTP went even farther, achieving 1,000X by clustering and modeling the topics players wrote about with predictive analytics.

Winning Big with Major Results

A whopping 1000x increase to current customer text analytics writing tool
A 50x speed increase, updating the coding language from R to Python
A 20x Performance uptake with AI (Neural Networks)

Work Smarter By Putting

Customer Intelligence to Good Use

Customer-based data is undoubtedly one of the most precious resources your organization has - but are you making the most of its potential? Without an effective strategy in place, a wealth of data can go to waste. But with a customer intelligence strategy developed and implemented by PTP, you can put data to work for you.


Contact us today for more details about how to turn customer intelligence into a tangible strategy for your organization.