Gathering Player Insight to

Improve Experiences

By re-architecting Electronic Arts’ text analytics solution, PTP helped increase speed, functionality, and performance, bringing data insight to company wide business units and improving player experience and loyalty.



EA’s existing text analytics solution failed to effectively gather information about player behaviors, presenting an assortment of challenges that included:

  • Numerous user experience issues

  • Servers and customer service resources overwhelmed by bug complaints and account issues during product launches

  • Broken games arriving on the market due to external tie-ins, fixed release dates, and pressures on beta testing

  • A lack of player involvement during the product launch stage

Bringing New Tech to Speed Up Improvements & Gain Insight

EA hoped to scale their current customer writing tool from 2X to 10X the current performance level, but PTP constructed a solution that far exceeded their expectations, boosting performance by 1000X using predictive analysis technology. Our solution included:

  • Re-Architecting Text Analytics

    After our initial assessment, PTP redesigned the solution and algorithms for peak performance.

  • Using Technology to Promote “Geekiness”

    We achieved 20X the performance by statistically clustering and modeling topics, pinpointing issues faster than ever before.

  • A Neural Networks-Based Solution on Python and Spark

    Artificial intelligence (running on Amazon Web Services) allowed EA to begin clustering data and building a solution that grows smarter over time.


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1000X increase

to current customer text analytics writing tool

50X speed increase

(updated coding language from R to Python)


20X performance

uptake with AI (Neural Networks)

“PTP helped us create a framework that would take what we learned from our customer journey map, create ideas around those experiences, and pilot them before we rolled out a full scale launch. Making that framework for our customer’s experience actionable was a great piece of work that PTP did for us.”

- Crystal Collier

Head of Strategy, Programs and Insights, Electronic Arts (EA) WWC


EA is a leading global interactive entertainment software company, delivering games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, computers, and mobile phones.



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