Building Personas to Deliver Exceptional Service

Truly understanding your customer requires different tasks: Building a journey map, collecting purchase data, and reviewing interaction details. But a big step companies talk about but may not be doing is creating personas. Not just for marketing, but for customer service and the technology that supports outreach.

User Archetypes

We incorporate user-centered design principles to develop user archetypes based on a number of inputs that help us understand how your customers (by segment) prefer to communicate with you, including:


• Your customer demographics
• The reasons end users contact you
• The channels in which they contact you


Using behavior archetypes and survey modeling, we can determine how to design your web, mobile or voice solution based on how your customers interact with you.


For example, when looking at website behavior archetypes, you could have leisure browsers, task-centric customers, or visitors who frequent your website but rarely purchase or contact you. Archetypes are a good tool for validating interactive elements and user flows.


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Human beings – even subconsciously – develop impressions of the people they speak to based on their voices, the words they choose, and their speech patterns.


It is important that your IVR reflects the right brand identity. Human beings – even subconsciously – develop impressions of the people they speak to based on their voices, the words they choose, and their speech patterns. We strongly recommend that this impression not be taken for granted. Instead, your design plans should include an IVR persona (or personality) that reflects the brand tenets of your organization and strikes the appropriate balance of being friendly, professional and helpful.


The persona can be thought of as the personality of your IVR application. It represents the personification of human-like characteristics, which either emerge spontaneously from the application or are overtly stated (for example, by the IVR system introducing itself by name). It’s the embodiment of how your callers think of your IVR, and it is the voice of the system in every sense.

An IVR persona is comprised of a number of factors, including:

Voice Talent – tonal qualities and regional accent
Coaching – pace, intonation, emotion (e.g., helpful, apologetic, serious, etc.)
Audio Quality – professional voice talent recorded in a professional setting
Style – word choice and grammar of the prompting

We’ll help you leverage this conversational relationship between your IVR and customers by carefully crafting your persona to provide your callers with a satisfying call experience that embodies your organization’s brand.


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