CRM and Contact Center Integration

Make Your CRM Work for You

Solutions out of the box don’t solve the unique business challenges each organization faces - there’s simply no one-size-fits all solution. Instead, you need an optimally designed, integrated and implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to see increases in business benefits, such as faster case closure times, increase in agent productivity, or decrease in support cost.


According to Forrester Research, 49% of CRM projects fail. On top of that, less than 40% of CRM customers have end-user adoption rates above 90%. This means you’re likely not getting enough out of the solution you’ve spent so much on. 


We can change that. 


PTP specializes in ensuring your CRM is built to enable your unique business objectives. We have a number of experienced consultants, many of whom hold multiple Salesforce Certifications, who can help you get the most out of your CRM investment.

Integrate Your Contact Center with Your CRM and Truly Know Your Customer

Most companies are struggling with silo operations, particularly when it comes to sharing customer data. But if you can integrate your contact center (Service or Sales) with your CRM, then you can build a holistic view of the customer that helps you better acquire, sell, service, and retain your customers. This holistic customer view will also provide the basis for more valuable insights, machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


We are one of the only professional services firms that focuses solely on the customer experience from both CRM and contact center perspectives. We have extensive CRM and contact center experience that can help you develop a comprehensive CX vision and strategy. Our holistic CX expertise provides our clients with the benefit of having experienced advisors to integrate your CRM with your contact center as well as help optimize service processes to reduce customer and employee effort.


If you can merge those two crucial systems, you instantly gain the power to see all of your customer’s activity and enable the service agents to provide a conversational, personalized service experience where they can predict what the customers upcoming needs, what potential issues they’ll may face, and precisely where they are in their journey - how cool is that?


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Bring your CRM and contact center together now, and look forward to a future of reaping the benefits of a united solution. Find out the top reasons why it’s crucial to bridge your system gaps:

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Bringing It Together at Grainger

Grainger Supply is an industrial supply organization. They needed a way to ensure that their Contact Center and customer outreach systems would be in sync with their customer management systems, allowing them to predict buying patterns, make it easy for customers to shop, and provide the best experience possible. The organization chose PTP to help them find the best solution for their needs, and we dove right into the task at hand.


PTP conducted a strategic assessment focused on a range of Contact Center and CRM solutions. We reviewed all of Grainger’s operations and needs, and then produced recommendations on leading practice customer engagement, Contact Center operations, and customer service management solution architectures.

PTP was an ideal partner for us - reliable, flexible, and fair with their pricing. They delivered the project within the agreed upon budget (slightly under) and I would recommend them to others.

Jason Garino

Head of Marketing, Sales & Analytics Gamut, LLC

Connect the Dots with a CRM Solution

Tailored for Your Organization

PTP understands what it takes to develop an effective CRM solution that addresses your organization’s unique needs and goals - and we have the expertise to tie it all together with your Contact Center. With our guidance, you can maximize the efficacy of your CRM, unlocking a diverse range of benefits to serve both you and your customers, such as 25% decrease in support cost or a 31% increase in case resolution time (based on Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey data conducted 2015 – 2017). Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unite your CRM and Contact Center with a smart, customized solution.