Integrating the Contact Center and CRM

Delivering One Customer View

Seeking a competitive edge in the delivery of exemplary customer experience, Grainger reached out to PTP for an effective solution that would integrate their key service systems. We delivered a unified Enterprise Customer Support System, connected their Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for a highly effective final product.



As a newly-formed company, Grainger discovered they were in need of an effective strategy for managing customer service, ordering, and supply chain processes. They faced the following challenges:

  • A less-than-optimal customer experience, which would chip away at one of their competitive differentiators

  • Out-of-sync customer management, customer outreach, and contact center systems

  • A difficult buying process

  • A lack of information about future buying patterns

Integrating the Contact Center with CRM

Grainger needed a strategy to unify their most vital processes, which required a full assessment of the people, processes, and technology that powered the relatively new company. Our solution included:

  • Reimagined Enterprise Customer Support Center

    All service, marketing, and order management systems were integrated for a more streamlined approach.

  • Full Review of Operations and Customer Experience Needs

    A thorough assessment allowed PTP to provide highly-tailored, actionable recommendations for improvement, as well as a holistic view of the larger customer experience.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation and Marketing Cloud Redesign

    Rebuilding systems and processes to better serve both staff and customer needs.


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14,000 customers acquired

in 6 months


Unification of customer service, ordering, and supply chain processes

“PTP was an ideal partner for us - reliable, flexible, and fair with their pricing. They delivered the project within the agreed upon budget - slightly under - and I would recommend them to others.”

- Jason Garino

Head of Marketing, Sales, and Analytics, Grainger, LLC


Grainger is one of the nation's leading distributors of industrial and safety supplies, serving more than 3 million public and private sector customers in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, education, hospitality, retail, and government.



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