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Select, Deploy and Optimize Technology

Choosing the right technology platforms for your contact center or sales and marketing operations is not easy. There are so many tools to choose from, and it’s hard to know which will be right for you. You already have your day job. You don’t need to do it alone. We bring an outside perspective, assess your goals, challenges and processes, and make informed recommendations. Not only that, but we make sure that you get the most out of your investments, maximizing value at every step.

Contact Center Cloud Migration

The cloud is the future. More and more organizations are moving their on-premise contact center to a cloud solution. While there are a number of benefits, the process requires a careful approach to ensure you don’t have downtime and you don’t lose data. We can help.


CRM/Contact Center Integration

Your CRM and contact center systems’ main purpose is to work with and manage customer interactions. But they are often stand-alone systems that have disparate data. Through integration, you can create a powerful platform for managing and tracking all customer interactions, getting a full view of the customer.

Systems Implementation

Unlike many other professional services firms, we don’t just put in a bunch of hours to deliver ideas and then walk away. We partner with our clients to not only provide objective assessments, but to also design and implement the solution. Our engineers and architects bring years of knowledge in customer experience, and we can not only recommend and design your solution, but ensure it’s implemented correctly, integrated with your existing systems, and fully supported. This includes training your users and providing adjustments as needed so you get the best possible result.

Strategic Assessments

When you are facing customer experience, operational, staffing, or branding challenges while feeling the weight of cost pressures – a contact center assessment can enable you to make informed, strategic decisions.

We begin all assessments by gaining a detailed understanding of your current and desired future state operations, workforce, CX, technology and business objectives. We meet with business operations, marketing, sales and IT stakeholders, front and backend customer experience agents, and technical staff to gain a deep understanding of what is working and where your pain points are throughout the customer lifecycle.

We then identify gaps in your CX solution based on a qualitative analysis of everyone who touches your CX process, married with quantitative data from technology reporting and competitive industry benchmarks. With this insight, we recommend specific steps for executing your strategic vision. This may include changing the organizational structure (who reports to whom), customer segmentation, business process changes, technology investments, or brand realignment. Each recommendation includes a business case: a cost-benefit analysis yielding an ROI and TCO model.

These actionable solutions serve as the foundation for your strategic roadmap and can be integrated into existing strategic plans or serve as the basis for transforming your future CX efforts.

Work With Us To

Retain Happy Customers and Gain New Ones

When you’re working with the right tools that give you the best customer insights and make your operations flow smoother, it makes your agents do well in their roles. And when your agents do well in their roles, your customers’ needs are satisfied and they will turn to you again and again. Doesn’t that sound nice? Contact PTP today for an assessment to get started.