Contact Center Cloud Migration

Smoothly Transition Your Contact Center to the Cloud

In 2019, only 10% of contact centers had moved to the cloud, but Gartner predicts that number will be 50% by 2022. Vendors are attempting to shift all of their customers to cloud-based solutions, but many organizations do not understand the benefits of making the switch.

While it can be difficult to abandon an on-premise solution that represents such a large investment in time and money, cloud-based contact centers can provide several benefits:

Access to the latest technology and features
Quick scaling up or down with business demand
Simple set-up with 24/7 support
Eliminate costly maintenance spend

With assistance from PTP, you can easily relocate your Contact Center to the cloud without derailing necessary operations.


Further Reading

Considering moving to the cloud? Read this eBook, an informative piece created by two of our top Contact Center engineers.

Top 5 Considerations when Migrating your Contact Center to the Cloud


A Structured Plan for a Stress-Free Migration

Cloud-based contact centers are the future, and the time is now to make your move - but the transition does not have to be disruptive. We will assess your current solution and build a roadmap for a smooth transition. 


Our clear, 5-step approach keeps your goals and budget in mind, so you can be confident that we’re moving in the right direction for your organization.


Strategic Assessment

Evaluate your current solution and customer needs


Technology and Process Recommendations

Recommend the technology that best fits your business needs


Migration and Integration

Help manage and migrate your existing data to the chosen platform



Provide training for agents, managers and other key stakeholders



Support the platform, as applicable, to make sure the solution works the way you want

We're here to help

Get More Insight Before Moving to the Cloud

PTP has helped a number of top brands evaluate their current Contact Center environment, creating vendor-agnostic solutions on how and when to migrate, as well as optimizing their current technology to get the most out of their investments. If you’re planning on moving to the cloud, we can do the same for you, too. Contact us today to get the conversation started, and let us help you transition into the future of doing business.