IVR & Multi-Site

Contact Center Implementation

The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) was seeking a statewide, centralized contact center solution that improved efficiency and cut costs. PTP led a strategic technology and CX assessment to pinpoint areas for improvement, implemented a streamlined contact center platform, and provided ongoing project management, training, and support services.



Due to legislative reform, DCSS was required to boost the efficiency of statewide operations. However, as a result of their current contact center setup, they were faced with various challenges, including:

  • The difficulty of delivering consistent service quality across 59 independently-operated sites

  • 100 different local and toll free numbers requiring IVR system management

  • The varying maintenance required for each site’s call center environment

Centralizing for Greater CX, Greater Efficiencies

By constructing a broad-reaching solution that united the numerous contact center sites, PTP supported DCSS in fulfilling all new requirements. Our solution and implementation included:

  • A Centralized Approach with Improved Capabilities

    Featuring a centralized headquarters data center (supporting 58 counties), a centralized speech-enabled IVR system (bilingual), and a Genesys-based solution with intelligent call routing to all counties.

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Voice Over IP (SIP Server) Core Network Routing

    Allowing improved efficiency and efficacy through technology.

  • Expanded Reporting and Monitoring

    Reporting and telecommunications network and quality monitoring was made available at the state and county levels.


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Measurable improvements in the customer experience


100 numbers consolidated into 1 statewide

toll-free number for public use

Decrease in call handling time


Expanded management capabilities

PTP has consistently stepped up to and beyond their contractual obligations, filling the gaps that other vendors have left and delivering excellent services.

- Shannon Kuzmich

Project Manager, State of California


The DCSS is a state child support program, partnering with parents and guardians to ensure that families receive court-ordered financial and medical support. The network of 48 county and regional agencies serve approximately 1.4 million children and their families throughout California.



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