Our Solution

Improve Efficiency and Automate More Processes

Today’s customer wants more options to self-serve. They want more access to information. And they want problems resolved quickly. On top of that, your contact center needs to cut costs. Automation can help. Our solutions help you automate more processes, give your agents more information, and streamline operations.  

Customer Self-Service Options

Giving your customers more ways to self-serve not only saves you money, but also improves customer satisfaction. Automation is the key and we can show you how. We’ve helped companies like eBay, PayPal, and Blue Cross identify and implement self-service options that work for their customers.


Visual IVR

Today’s contact center technologies are continually expanding. Visual IVR is one example of this digital shift, giving customers a personalized way to self-serve on their smartphone without ever contacting an agent. We can help you implement Visual IVR to reduce inbound call volumes and improve satisfaction.

Intelligent Routing

Intelligent routing maps the customer’s intent for contacting you to the best resource or agent, regardless of the channel. These solutions range from Queue Management to intelligent-, skills- and rule-based routing.

Common data-driven routing strategies use the following attributes to make intelligent decisions about where to send a particular customer interaction.

Media type (voice, text, social)
Skill (customer type, interaction type language, location, etc.)
Agent skill level
Business rule/driver

We can build and implement a solution to ensure your customers are routed in the most personalized and intelligent manner.

Unified Desktop

A Unified Desktop is a singular application view that takes into account all processes, systems, channels, and knowledge bases, empowering your customer service agents, marketing, and sales teams to more efficiently, effectively, and accurately handle each customer.

We have implemented unified desktop solutions for a number of the world’s top brands, helping them gain a complete view of their customer across all channels with a single login. With an adaptive desktop, you can customize your front-end dashboard to meet your needs of providing consistent, efficient and personalized communication that engages your customers.

Systems Integration

When you have all of your systems working together, you create a more streamlined and powerful operation. One of our core strengths is the ability to integrate disparate systems to create holistic views of the customer. If you have it, we can integrate it.

No matter how complex or intricate your requirements are, our systems integrators have the experience to provide the foresight that brings efficiency and time saved. Our developers have deep experience in a variety of general and specialized development tools including:


Voice XML
Speech and IVR programing

Voice Self-Service

Giving your customers a way to self-serve through a voice channel is essential and expected. We have a proven design methodology that we’ve built and implemented to be used on some of the largest and most successful IVR and call routing applications.

Voice self-service functionality can include:

Speech Recognition
Touch Tone (DTMF)
Inbound and Outbound Applications
Natural Language
Administration Console

No matter what your environment, we can identify what’s right for your customers and develop highly customized IVR applications that meet your specific needs.

IVR Tuning

We take a pragmatic approach to tuning, using your key business objectives as the drivers for our analysis and recommendations. Our proven methodology and team of user interface, speech science, and application development experts consistently exceed expectations.

Tuning is a critical phase in any IVR, web-based, or high-transaction environment. In many of these applications, the user interface serves as the customer’s primary channel into your organization. Therefore, to maximize customer satisfaction and the external image of your organization, you must ensure you are getting the most out of your applications. In addition to increased customer satisfaction, our Tuning service helps maximize your ROI by increasing automation rates and driving down operational costs.

We provide a full suite of Tuning services including:




When you’re working with the right tools that give you the best customer insights and make your operations flow smoother, it makes your agents do well in their roles. And when your agents do well in their roles, your customers’ needs are satisfied and they will turn to you again and again. Doesn’t that sound nice? Contact PTP today for an assessment to get started.