Visual IVR

Empower Your Customers with Visual IVR

Interactive Voice Response Systems, or IVRs, are an important tool for organizations to route customer calls and reduce time spent with an agent. But frustration with these systems is higher than ever. In the age of immediate results, callers become impatient with long menus and opt to speak with an agent right away, thus defeating the purpose of your IVR. 


But even so, customers truly do want to self-serve - and it’s up to you to make that possible. The challenge lies in customizing your IVR in a way that makes it easy for customers to use, avoids frustrating loops, and helps customers reach the solution they need quickly, in the channel they prefer.

Delivering Self-Service in a Visual Medium

Visual IVR uses a customer's smartphone to incorporate visual menus for quicker and easier navigation. The method allows callers to easily see all self-service options available to them, discretely input sensitive information by typing it, send and receive pictures for troubleshooting, more easily authenticate, and so much more. 


Your customer gets a better experience, and you save money by helping them self-serve.


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Allow Your Customers to Self-Serve With Visual IVR

Most customers like to self-serve whether they know it or not. Give them the power to enter information and choose their options on their smartphone. Not sure if this solution is right for your business? Schedule an assessment with our team and we'll recommend whether or not Visual IVR will fit into your solution.