Scaling an Infrastructure for

2 Million Users to 179 Million

With PTP’s custom, centralized contact center system, both PayPal’s customers and agents benefitted from easier interactions. Fully-integrated data now delivers a more comprehensive view of the customer, and the organization was better equipped for future growth.



In just seven years, PayPal experienced astronomical growth, expanding their customer base from two million to more than 179 million. Despite the organization’s exceptional rise to success, their current technology created many challenges, including:

  • An outdated telephone system that was separate from chat and email

  • Overwhelming call volume, resulting in massive backlogs and call abandonment

  • Customer data that was missing historic and real-time information

  • Difficulty complying with federal, state, local, and international regulations

A One-Touch Solution and Transparent Customer View

PTP took a dual-purpose approach to resolve the issues created by PayPal’s current systems, going above and beyond to address their needs and wants alike. Our implementation and solution included:

  • Detailed System Assessment

    Locating contact center gaps and devising solutions for technology and task management.

  • A Modern IVR System

    Improved call routing, decreasing transfers and abandonment.

  • A Custom App

    Allowed customers to make mobile payments and connect with customer service, furthering multichannel capabilities.


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Improved call routing


Strengthened the ability to accommodate rapid growth


Customized app for mobile payments and customer service needs


Increased multichannel capabilities

“PTP has been an integral partner as we have grown and improved the way we engage our customers. Our shared vision of a connected, transparent customer view enabled us to implement solutions that drove internal efficiency for increased customer engagement and revenue... Their strategic & tactical expertise allows us to be forward thinking as we continue our transformation.”

- Bill Sole

Director of Global Enterprise Technology, PayPal


Since 1998, PayPal has grown into one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies, operating a worldwide system that serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods. 



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