05 December 2019

Customization Killed the CRM

Have you heard of the “CRM Danger Zone”? It’s a place you don’t want to be, but may end up in before you even know it. 

Maybe Kenny Was Right

“Out along the edges; Always where I burn to be; The further on the edge; The hotter the intensity”

Sing it with me: “Highway to the danger zone!”

OK, maybe Kenny Loggins wasn’t singing about CRM, but he could have been. The further on the edge you go, the hotter the intensity.

Getting out in front and customizing your CRM can seem like the right way to build unique capabilities for your business. But as your CRM vendor keeps improving, your custom code puts you in the danger zone of losing value over time.

This phenomenon, The CRM Danger Zone, was coined by Fred Lee, Chief Technology Officer for Cars.com. He’s flown out along the edges. He’s sang along with Kenny Loggins. And he’s sure seen a lot of CRM solutions.

After seeing, in a variety of industries and applications, how companies work so hard to customize their CRM and then slowly lose value and efficiency. Everyone is happy in the beginning, but over time the complexity of the solution becomes too much to maintain. What you are left with is an inefficient system and a frustrated sales team.

Learn how to avoid the Danger Zone and get the Infographic 

Let Us Help

Fred Lee
Fred Lee, CTO, Cars.com

You just don’t see the Danger Zone coming until you’re either in it, or in the downward slope of losing value.

The good news?  You can get out of the Danger Zone and avoid it all together. At PTP, we help top brands avoid the Danger Zone, or get out of it quickly when they’re there.

Click here to learn more and download Fred’s handy infographic. 

Authored bY

Mark Pendolino

Mark Pendolino is the Director of Marketing at PTP, overseeing the creation of customer experience content focused on helping organizations discover best practices for evolving the customer journey. Prior to PTP, Mark managed teams for companies such as Microsoft, Smartsheet, Fujitsu, and Parsons Brinckerhoff. Mark holds a master’s in Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s in Technical Communications from Metropolitan State University of Denver. In his downtime, Mark likes to thrash a bit on the drumkit and pretend he’s a rock star.


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