Avoid the CRM Danger Zone
Customization Killed the CRM
Have you heard of the "CRM Danger Zone"? It's a place you don't want to be, but may end up in before ...
Customer Journey Map
Why You Can’t Improve CX Without a Customer Journey Map
How important is customer experience (CX)? According to a report from the Temkin Group, an organization with $1 billion in annual revenue ...
PTP-Bridging CRM and CCI
How Integrating Your Content Center with CRM Bridges the CX Gap
Contact centers are largely Omni channel today, which means that customers can get in touch using not just the phone but also ...
What’s the Difference Between CEM and CRM, and How Can They Work Together For My Business?
Customer experience management (CEM) and customer relationship management (CRM) are not one in the same. While both concepts are crucial elements of ...
Leverage the Right Metrics to Reduce Call Volumes
A Canadian man by the name of Corbin Smith live tweeted the entire eight straight hours he was on hold with ...

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