Our Solution

Optimize Your Workforce

Delivering the best customer service is not just dependent on the technology you use, but also how empowered your agents are. We build and implement solutions that ensure your customer service agents are working at the peak of their efficiency, providing them with the information, processes and tools they need.

Workforce Management

Delivering a great customer experience within operational budgets requires that your workforce be managed efficiently and effectively. As organizations grow and customers interact in different ways across multiple channels, the challenge of managing your workforce increases, as well.

By performing a Workforce Optimization (WFO) assessment, we can compare your workforce management processes to industry best practices and make strategic recommendations for process improvement and tools that will enable operations to run efficiently.

These processes and tools may include changes to capacity planning, forecasting, staffing and Quality Management – all with the goal of getting the most out of your current personnel, so you can elevate your CX.

Maintenance & Support

Industry statistics show that maintenance costs represent the majority of system expenses. We are a proven provider of maintenance services to maximize value and offer global 24/7 support.

Throughout implementation, we provide knowledge transfer to you, so you can maintain and support your application when we turn it over to you. In addition, we offer post-deployment support to enable a quick, convenient resolution to all issues.

Our Maintenance & Support service protects you after deploying an application with us. We take care of:

Technology Updates
Assessment and Optimization
In-house Technical Staffing

Work With Us To

Retain Happy Customers and Gain New Ones

When you’re working with the right tools that give you the best customer insights and make your operations flow smoother, it makes your agents do well in their roles. And when your agents do well in their roles, your customers’ needs are satisfied and they will turn to you again and again. Doesn’t that sound nice? Contact PTP today for an assessment to get started.