A Unified Customer Service Solution For

World Class Experience

PTP conducted a comprehensive assessment of people, processes, and technology for Hershey’s, leading to the development of a global, shared services platform that integrated contact center and CRM systems.



Hershey’s required a scalable system that allowed distributors, wholesales, and retail customers worldwide to stay connected using the same data. However, their current contact center technology was impeding their goal of world-class customer service, leading to challenges that included:

  • Burdened contact centers

  • Limited customer self-service options

  • Cumbersome interactions

  • A lack of real-time and historic view of the customer

  • Inefficient collaboration across departments and time zones

The Technology Partnership to Unify and Optimize

PTP recognized that a full overhaul of the existing technology center was necessary, but that the task had to be accomplished without shutting down the vital infrastructure. Our implementation and solution included:

  • CRM and Contact Center Systems Integration

    360-degree view of the customer provided agents with immediate insight into their history, making the department and location of customer and agent irrelevant.

  • Intelligent Interaction Routing

    By differentiating agents’ skills, the rate of first-contact resolutions was increased.

  • Voice Self Service

    A self-service solution addressed common customer needs, which were determined by PTP’s analysis of customer interaction history.

  • Workforce Management

    Staff talent and timing was better aligned for accommodating high contact volumes, while increased automation boosted proactive outreach efforts.


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Significant spike in sales


Measurable increase in first-contact resolutions


Boosts in efficiency to all contact centers


360-degree customer views


As one of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers, Hershey has products for sale in over 60 countries.



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