Transforming Technology

from End-of-Life to Cutting-Edge

With a technological and customer experience assessment, PTP was able to develop a full, multichannel customer service portal for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). Outdated systems were eliminated, and natural language applications and continued support and training options were implemented.



SMUD’s legacy voice systems and existing infrastructure was not meeting their business goals, creating a range of challenges for both customers and staff, including:

  • An inability to handle increased call volumes during power outages

  • Obstacles to optimal employee efficiency

  • No long-term strategy for natural disasters and outages

How PTP Brought SMUD from Legacy to Latest

After leading a strategic assessment of both the contact center and customer experience, PTP developed and implemented a plan to serve SMUD’s most pressing technological needs. Our implementation and solution included:

  • Expansion of Customer Service Channels

    By improving and building on current customer service channels, the ability to provide excellent service was strengthened.

  • Premise-Based Solution to Replace End-of-Life-Technologies

    A scalable solution was designed for SMUD, crafting a single centralized infrastructure for numerous systems and vendors.

  • Closure of Communication Gaps

    PTP mapped the customer experience to reduce call volume, address common questions, and grow self-service opportunities.

  • Multi-Channel Portal

    Customer service became easier and more efficient when calls were routed to the proper agents, while an increase in customer data collection cut call handling time.


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10% year-over-year growth in revenue


723/1,000 JD Power & Associates customer satisfaction score


A centralized infrastructure consolidating 15 different systems


Reduced call volume


Increased self-service options


SMUD is the sixth-largest community-owned electricity provider in the U.S., and has been serving Sacramento County for more than 65 years with award-winning energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy strategies. 



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