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Web App Security: Keep Your Apps from Getting Hacked

This on-demand demonstration shows you the techniques and tools that can improve your application security posture.

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Channel Preferences for Different Customer Generations

Depending on a customer’s age and digital experience, he or she will feel more comfortable with an in-person […]

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Customers want different channels for different situations

Customer Channel Preferences

Depending on demographics, industry and interaction type, customers will use a number of different channels – organizations need […]

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Perceived Customer Effort Versus Actual Effort

Depending on the peak effort level and end result, customers often remember the level of effort differently that […]

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Trusted Customer Channel of Choice for Finance & Travel Industries

Customers trust different channels based on the industry – the digital channel is seen as secure and easy […]

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Customer Loyalty Insight Interviews: Which loyalty tactics are the most engaging

Learn the loyalty factors that keep customers engaged.

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Voice of the customer: Which brands are customers loyal to and why?

In December 2014, we took to the streets and interviewed customers about brand loyalty. These union square interviews […]

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Voice of the customer: What works to build customer loyalty?

Learn what organizations have done to drive customer loyalty.

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