Creating Customized Experiences for

UPS Capital

Using a top-down assessment, PTP helped UPS Capital (UPSC) achieve an enterprise-wide realignment of their overall strategic vision. Our integrated customer experience approach allowed for a significant shift in UPSC business processes as well as their view of customers as a whole.



Although UPSC’s existing print and online knowledge bases adequately solved many routine customer problems, a lack of a well-unified base was creating challenges, including:

  • Missing insights and increased convenience that was limited to channels outside online and print

  • Data existing in silos, leaving management without real-time or historical customer profiles

  • A strain on customer service resources

Innovations that Led to Improved Customer Satisfaction

PTP conducted an in-depth evaluation of the USPC customer experience, identifying key technology gaps that stood in the way of company goals. With this information, we were well-equipped to design a solution that addressed all existing challenges. Our implementation and solution included:

  • Identification of Unique Customer Needs

    Differentiating customer needs led to the development of new treatments and processes.

  • Integrated Customer Segmentation

    A new integrated customer master addressed each segment according to location, revenue generation, industry, size, and other criteria, allowing for a more customized service approach.

  • Customer Experience Survey

    Insight into customers’ sales process and segmenting produced data to illustrate spend patterns and other key information.


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Redesigned claims service

utilizing multi-channel methods of contact


Increased sales and brand engagement


Usable customer data


United Parcel Service Capital (UPSC) is the financial and supply chain management of UPS, delivering financial, insurance, and payment solutions.



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