Delivering Personalized

Customer Experiences Through Analytics

American First Credit Union (AFCU) requested a contact center solution that would personalize the customer experience, improve agent efficiency, and gather actionable customer insights. PTP implemented a strategy that employed natural speech IVR applications, speech analytics, and real-time reporting to achieve these goals.



AFCU’s legacy contact center was no longer suited to their growing needs, leading to a diverse set of challenges, including:

  • Insufficient customer insight information collection

  • An inability to effectively score agents’ call quality

  • A need for an automated process to improve the customer experience and strengthen agent performance

Implementing a Three-Pronged Solution

PTP formed a two-phase, three-pronged strategy to resolve the unique problems with the AFCU’s outdated contact center. Our implementation and solution included:

  • IVR and Increased Availability of Self-Service

    “Problem calls” are more easily identified by a new, natural-language-based application, while IVR solutions streamline and personalize call flow.

  • Speech Analytics and Quality Monitoring

    Supervisors receive an accurate, actionable assessment of member satisfaction in real time, improving agents’ ability to handle and score calls and refining training efforts.

  • Expanded Contact Center Reporting

    Real-time reporting enables immediate supervisor action to minimize negative interactions, while historic data supports future agent training.


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Increase in revenue

due to greater visibility in agent-member interactions

Member issues are addressed in real-time


Historical data predicts future customer needs

“I see the team at PTP as my friends, working with us to find the best customer service solutions to the issues we are facing.”

- Chad Tanner

Vice President, Contact Centers


The member-owned America First Credit Union (AFCU) is Utah’s largest credit union with a member-centric business approach, and is committed to providing exemplary financial services for every member.



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