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With digital channels disrupting the way travel and hospitality organizations do business and a market that is increasingly competitive, it’s harder for organizations like yours to maintain a loyal customer base. We partner with you to transform technology and business processes, so you can make sure your customer experience solution is a competitive advantage. We help you provide personalized, real-time communication and build trust by reaching customers in their channel of choice, when they need you.

Customer Data Allows Boutique Hotel Chain To Give Back In A Personal Way

A global boutique hotel chain collects information from customers across channels. They track a customer’s movement throughout the hotel, commentary on social media websites, online website visits, contact center communication, e-mail open rates and responses, and support chats. With automated business analytics that follows rule-based processes, the boutique hotel chain gets in contact with its customers at their prime point of conversion and provides no-strings-attached gifts on behalf of the hotel. When a customer tweeted that they loved the robe that was provided in the hotel room, the hotel sent a personalized note thanking them for their stay and shipped the robe, wrapped as a gift, to the customer’s home address, so it was waiting for them upon arrival. The customer tweeted about the gift and joined the hotel’s loyalty program, proving that giving back to customers when they least expect it is good marketing and a way to gain loyalty.

Airbnb's omni-channel CX Strategy Increases Customer Engagement

Looking to build a community of connections and offer an elevated level of service, Airbnb, the global vacation rental provider, completed a customer experience strategy rewrite project to enhance the way they communicate with their customers via web and voice in order to have a more scalable solution to manage spikes in reservation volumes during the summer high season. Airbnb’s future holds an Omni-channel strategy that gives visibility into customer interactions across channels and enables segmentation and personalization.

Omni-Channel Integration And Proactive Outreach Elevates CX For A Major U.S. Airline

To better handle flight cancelations and delays, a major U.S. airline implemented an Omni-channel proactive outreach CX solution so that passengers can receive real-time information about flight changes and rebook or speak to a service representative in their channel of choice. Customers can now receive a text about a flight cancelation and click on a link to rebook or choose to chat or text with a customer service representative to rebook. Additionally, a social listening and response component enables the airline to reach out to customers who tweet about a flight delay or long rebooking line at the check-in desk. Customer service representatives simply move the conversation from Twitter to a private social media page or chat to solve the customer’s issue and then tweet that it was resolved. By offering omni-channel proactive outreach, the airline is able to handle huge spikes in interaction volumes due to weather, fueling, maintenance, or high air-traffic.

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