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The telecom and media industries deal with a saturated marketplace, digital technology that both disrupts and enables and a customer base that switches between telecom providers almost as fast as they jump from one online news source to another. The competitive marketplace demands simple, customized communication across channels to grow customer trust and loyalty throughout the entire lifecycle, not just at the customer’s point of purchase. PTP takes insight from leading retail customer experience businesses and rich industry knowledge, from working with dozens of retail and telecom companies, to help you elevate your customer experience and optimize expenses to meet your business goals.

A Transparent CRM System With Analytics & Reporting Enables Ad Sales

A specialty craft publication integrated an agile data analytics and reporting solution tied to their CRM platform to break down siloed relationships with their customers and advertisers. The newspaper is now able to track all subscribers on one platform, with a history of subscriber interactions that allow marketing, sales, and service teams to connect with customers in a meaningful, personalized manner. This insight into who their customers are and what they need helps the digital strategy team determine how to display web content as well as reach out to new advertisers, who might be looking to reach the demographic the newspaper serves.

CRM Solution Provides One Unified System With Increased Workflow Efficiency

To streamline the entry process for ad sales account management so the ad sales and operations can house creative content delivery plans, billing information, and key contacts in one system, a U.S. based media company integrated a new CRM platform that consolidated three systems into one. In an industry that is constantly changing, this increased workflow efficiency provided transparency across the organization so that when employment shifts, your advertisers still receive knowledgeable and individualized interaction with sales and service staff.

A Large Telecommunications Company Uses Data Analytics To Provide Positive End-To-End CX

Looking to prevent purchase abandonment throughout the customer sales cycle, one of the largest telecommunications providers invested in a data analytics CX solution that provided automated, real-time insight about their customers. With information from customer interactions across channels, automated proactive outreach messages advertised special offers and educated customers to increase connections with customers at the point of conversion. To help service teams provide consistent support throughout the length of the customer lifecycle, customer data was aggregated across interactions to provide support agents with an accurate caller history and was also integrated into the IVR solution to greet customers by name and through predictive analytics to offer personalized call paths based on the caller’s history. By leveraging a business analytics strategy to elevate how marketing, sales, and service teams connect with customers, customer loyalty increased.

A CRM Solution Brings Simplicity To A Cable Company’s Large, Complex Field Sales Team

A cable provider with a door-to-door field sales team integrated a mobile CRM solution tied to analytics to bring efficiency to complex processes and redundancies. Business analytics help inform the sales team of customers who are at a prime point of conversion based on move-in date or prior history. Before a sales team member rings a doorbell, he knows the entire customer history and can tailor messaging. Additionally, if a customer is interested, the field sales team member can discuss applicable targeted sales promotions based on the customer’s profile and sign the customer up for services from his mobile device. The ability to have connected prospect data and to empower a sales team member to complete a sale remotely has substantially increased revenue.

Workload Management Solution Automates Case Management For Faster Delivery To Customers

After losing enterprise customers due to disparate systems and processes around case management, an integrated telecommunications provider was looking to simplify processes for complex, custom enterprise orders. After an enterprise assessment of the organization’s case management process, the telecommunications provider integrated a workload management solution that gave sales reps visibility into the entire case management process, automated prioritization of cases and stages of the process that back up to provide precise, timely delivery to their customers. This increased sales and customer satisfaction levels.

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