The technology industry accelerates disruptive innovation across all other industry verticals. For those who are innovating to open up new markets for their products and solutions, this is an opportunity.


However, the technology evolution also brings increased competition as product time to market decreases and their customer base expects service to be as fast and dynamic as the technology innovation they experience in their day-to-day lives.


PTP works with technology companies to bring efficiency to your customer support workforce, so you have the right number of skilled support agents for your callers’ issues and are optimizing self-service information to empower customers through education. Our CX solutions bring transparency to every aspect of your business, from distribution to sales to customer feedback and concerns. We work to bring simplicity to complex business process and technology integration, so you can achieve a CX vision, tied to your business drivers.

Workforce Management Transforms Operations And Customer Experience For Video Game Provider

A global video game provider looking to improve efficiency in their service center and personalized attention to their customer base integrated an analytics and workforce management customer experience solution. With a loyal customer base, most callers are experienced and knowledgeable about the video game provider’s software. With such high expectations, the customer’s call must quickly route to a representative that has the skill level to serve them. The workforce management solution allowed the video game provider to measure agent effectiveness, gather real-time data on performance across channels, and helped them to analyze why customers are calling to provide information to enhance future game releases and provide more robust self-service information across channels. With employee and customer data, the video game provider had an accurate account of agent skill levels for hiring practices and also is able to efficiently implement skill-based routing for increased first issues avoidance and lower call times.

Technology Software Provider Optimizes Multi-Channel Self-Service With Customer Insight From Data Analytics

A technology software provider, experiencing spikes in call volumes throughout the year, was looking to understand how to more efficiently serve customers at a lower cost. To gain the customer insight needed to better optimize online content and IVR scripting, the software provider integrated a business analytics solution that aggregates data from all channels to gain a holistic understanding of a customer’s journey. With real-time access to common customer issues, they can optimize the content provided through web and voice self-service to empower customers with easy access to the information they need in multiple channels. The enterprise’s data showed that customers often called after trying to self-serve on the web, so they integrated a more cost-effective chat solution which provided the historical context of the customer’s web interaction to the agent when the chat was initiated. This solution decreased the number of voice calls, while providing a more personalized experience for the customer and reducing the cost of each interaction.

Automated Back Office Processes Tighten Relations With Distributors For A Technology Manufacturer

Due to a spike in orders, a technology manufacturer automated their back-office processing to increase efficiency and their connections with distributors. By integrating multiple applications into a CRM solution, the technology manufacturer gave sales representatives visibility into order processing and inventory, shipping, billing, and accounting in real-time, so automated messages are proactively sent to appropriate stakeholders when a shipment is running late or a product is delayed. By connecting different internal departments, sales reps have visibility into the entire company's operations and can easily answer distributor questions and provide precise timelines on product delivery.

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