The global, digital nature of the manufacturing industry has lead to increased commoditization. In a market where losing one distributor could mean losing 100,000 or more customers, a manufacturer’s primary goal is to maintain a tight supply chain and know their customers in order to meet their individual needs. By making service the differentiating factor, manufacturers will compete on value rather than price to grow a loyal customer base. PTP takes a customer-centric approach and leverages cross-sector experience to help organizations like yours leverage strategy and technology to streamline business processes and enhance collaboration to extend the customer lifecycle.

CRM Distributor Portal Streamlines And Increases Connections

A multinational consumer goods manufacturer recently updated their antiquated CRM solution, so they can store distributor and production interactions across channels in one transparent system. The manufacturer needed to improve speed to meet quick time-to-market orders, with their workload management solution operating as a distributor portal and allowing sales and support staff to provide a precise production turn-around time based on actual scheduling, updated in real-time by multiple department owners. This transparency across the internal organization allows for better conversation and account management with distributors as well as real-time product and distribution information readily available to the business owners.

Automated Analytics Reporting Elevates Distributor Alignment

To build stronger partnerships with distributors through more personalized and frequent communication, a U.S. based manufacturer of consumer foods revitalized their customer experience solution by integrating a reporting solution tied to a CRM platform to help them better understand their distributor’s questions, concerns and needs to more efficiently connect with them on a daily basis across channels. Because transparency is a must in an industry where costs and efficiencies can be optimized with real-time alignment, connecting applications with the CRM platform enables both the manufacturer and distributor to align on go-to-market strategies, targeted customer segments, the purchasing process, shipment specs, and all support related issues.

Omni-Channel Customer Analytics Optimizes Digital Marketing

A manufacturer of healthcare consumer electronics required better visibility into marketing campaign metrics across channels. Through a seamless integration of data from channels like web, chat, mobile, SMS, voice, and social feeding into the CRM solution, data analytics and reporting provided the manufacturer with clear results in real-time to better optimize future product and persona-driven digital marketing campaigns.

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