When serving both a consumer and business customer base, you have a myriad of customer needs. We help insurance providers segment and communicate with their customers in a personalized manner to create a customer lifecycle that never ends.  Since over 2/3 of insurance policy holders change providers each year, building a strategy that operates on a keen understanding of your customer base and allows you to deliver actionable insight in their channel of choice, right when your customers need it is the key to your customers’ hearts.

Insurance Provider Empowers Reps With Customer Interaction History & Personalized Contact Center Scripting & Routing

Looking to improve customer satisfaction and resolution and close rates, a leading insurance provider analyzed all customer interaction points to implement personalized scripting and routing in the contact center. Customers were segmented by business and consumer as well as demographic and products requested, so they could be intelligently routed to the best agent for their needs. A process change enabled better collaboration between service, claims and sales teams with scripting that enabled agents to provide insight on other insurance policies based on the callers recent life events or needs. A knowledge management tool supplied the complete customer history across interactions in one user interface. This enterprise has seen an increase in membership, customer satisfaction as well as an increase in employee morale due to streamlined, transparent processes.

Data Analytics Elevate Customer Connection For U.S. Insurer

A U.S. insurer group looking to increase proactive outreach across channels to better educate and engage business customers implemented connected CX solutions tied to business drivers and a phased customer experience roadmap. All interaction channels were integrated to one hub that clearly showed a customer’s history. Using data analytics, service team members were able to reach out across channels to provide timely and relevant information on risk reduction, policy enhancements and news based on a customer’s history. A digital strategy that enabled inside sales team members to reach out within minutes of an online submission and allowed customers to click a button to receive a call make sales and customer connections more accessible. Website chat pop ups were used to ask customers if they had a question or would like more information. Calls were routed based on customer needs, so the most experienced agent is the customer’s first point of contact.

Automated Back-End Processes Simplify & Expedite Claims Processing

A national insurance provider, looking to optimize back office processes and gain insight into where claims bottlenecks occur, analyzed off-line workflow across channels and applications in order to implement automated business processes with skills-based routing and prioritized task lists based on business rules. Rules for claim distribution and priority level were determined by customer and product segmentation, so work is pushed to the customer support representative with the skills and availability to handle given claims. If there is a change in staff or incoming claims submissions, the CRM solution automatically updates the workflow to manage this. In addition to increasing customer support productivity on the back-end, this solution integrated with a workforce management solution that also enabled the insurance provider to accurately predict how many employees they would need with given skill sets and with a data analysis and intelligence solution tied in, understand whether business goals and KPIs are met.

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