As legislative and market changes drive growth among your patient, member, and provider bases, our healthcare industry professionals are here to make sure you are connecting the dots and have a clear understanding of each and every patient’s continuum of care. We provide healthcare organizations with scalable CX solutions to build bridges between functional and channel silos and provide a meaningful end-to-end experience that results in lasting relationships.

Blue Shield Of California's Scalable, Multi-Lingual, Personalized Voice Solution Manages Spikes In Call Volumes

Blue Shield of California needed a flexible CX transformation that provided personalized care based on a caller’s needs. Due to a surge in membership and associated claims, BSC integrated a multilingual, personalized voice solution that provided intelligent routing based on the caller’s identity. To streamline workflow, a smart agent desktop integrated several back-office customer management systems to provide easy access to customer history and agent tools from one screen. This solution enables BSC to handle 13M+ calls a year and increase call avoidance rates by 50%. Partnering with PTP for 9+ years, BSC continues to innovate their CX solution, while finding the perfect balance of business drivers and a customer-centric approach that improves loyalty and MTMs.

Health System Connects Siloes With Phased CX Roadmap

After undergoing several mergers, a Midwestern regional health system was looking to align internal organizations and create a customer experience strategy that would provide a consistent cross-organizational view into patient and member interactions. By developing a cross-functional customer experience team, comprised of stakeholders from each of the organization’s entities and assessing the gaps in customer experience, the regional health system was able to create a phased roadmap towards a uniform and efficient customer experience. The regional health system has implemented an easy-to-use patient referral system, consolidated toll-free numbers, and migrated customer data to a centralized CRM system. The new CX strategy now incorporates a clear plan to address the merged entity’s business needs and metrics to measure results at each stage of the implemented plan.

Global Medical Device Provider Implements Sales Process & CRM Solution Optimization

A global medical device company with a large, discordant sales team required a CRM solution and process improvement strategy that would enable collaboration and learning among the sales team and help with lead and opportunity management for a more visible and accurate pipeline. After an internal business and technology assessment, PTP configured the CRM solution to align with the organization’s sales cycle and internal processes. PTP also provided training to stakeholders on best practices to leverage the new technology. Both the sales team members and management have realized the potential of an integrated CRM solution.


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