Financial organizations manage a high degree of market volatility, which creates a need for innovative customer experience offerings that ground their evolving customer base with simple, transparent communication that inspires trust. With technology providers disrupting the marketplace, we help financial organizations leverage the rich social and financial customer data they have to educate and advocate for their customers. We help you use customer insight for a digital channel strategy that makes your CX a competitive advantage.

PayPal Elevates CX With Omni-Channel Integration

PayPal manages over 300,000 tasks a day with a complex, global customer experience solution. PTP has integrated technology to support their front and back-office omnichannel engagement solution with PayPal’s unified desktop. Customers can e-mail chat, open a ticket/case, or call in across multiple systems, and through comprehensive, intelligent interaction routing and enterprise reporting, PayPal’s scalable solution enables customer centricity and success.

Regional Bank Provides Personalized Proactive Outreach That Educates And Empowers

The way a Midwest regional bank competes with larger, more expansive competitors is by providing customers personalized service that educates and empowers. With a CX solution that integrates a CRM platform and data analytics to provide customer insight, regional banks are able to reach out to customers and provide educational product offerings that are carefully tailored to their customer’s anticipated needs. With real-time information on a complete customer’s history across interactions, sales members are able to cross-sell and gain loyalty while also educating.

The Bancorp Creates Transformational Roadmap From Enterprise-Wide CX Assessment

The Bancorp, a provider of private label banking to some of the world’s most innovative financial institutions, used an enterprise-wide assessment of front and back-office technology and business process flow to create a phased, customer experience implementation roadmap, tied to The Bancorp’s business drivers. The assessment leveraged employee and customer insight, technology data, a gap analysis, and industry benchmarking to define the requirements and key opportunities to transform The Bancorp’s customer experience solution, so that it breaks down process and technology silos for a connected, personalized experience.

America First Credit Union Personalizes And Optimizes Voice And Web Self Service Channels

America First Credit Union (AFCU) integrated and optimized a natural language IVR solution to provide a personalized member experience that greets members by name, presents menu options based on caller history, and shortens the time members spend in the IVR with upfront data capture and intelligent routing. To provide their members control over wait time, AFCU integrated a callback solution that gives members the option to receive a call back when an agent is available or schedule a call at a time convenient for them. For online users who want a member service agent to call them, they can simply click a web button and enter their contact information for a callback.


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