How Will the Coronavirus Affect Your Customer Service?
As the US braces for the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, business leaders are focusing on the potential impacts around profits, supply ...
The right blend of AI and the human interaction in CX ebook
Rise of the Machine: What’s the Right Balance of AI and Human Interaction in CX?
Artificial Intelligence. It's the hot, trendy topic that gets bantered around as being 'the next big thing' in CX. But how much ...
Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
Customer Experience (CX) and Dominant Path Analysis – Part I
This is the first article on Dominant Path Analysis, in a multi-part series, where we take a deeper dive into the process ...
redundancy can create simplicity
When it’s Good to be Redundant in IVR Design…and Life
As early as I can remember learning anything, I was taught to strive for efficiency.  “Inefficient” and “redundant” were bad words, and ...
IVR Analytics enable organizations to see how their solution performs.
The Cost of Not Having IVR Analytics
Many companies seek out an IVR solution provider to buy and build an IVR for them.  This is typically quite expensive. The ...

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