Customer Self-Service

Implementing Self-Service Options that Delight Your Customers

We will guide your organization through the process of developing and launching self-service options that work for you - as well as for your customers. We can help determine where your business will benefit the most from self-service tools, map out just how your customers approach problems and questions, and set up the right channels to address them.


Our team will also take a closer look at the way customers are interacting with your brand to determine exactly how they prefer to receive support. And we'll not only build the most effective channels, but also make sure they are flawlessly integrated to increase adoption and minimize customer frustration.

What Do Your Customers Expect?

When it comes to customer self-service, the numbers speak for themselves: 88% of consumers expect a company to offer an online self-service support portal, and 66% try self-service first before engaging with an agent. With experience being the major differentiator for today's customer, getting self-service options right has never been more important. 


Not only will you increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty, but you can save significantly on service costs when you offer the self-service options that your customers want.


Most brands, however, still lag behind in providing the self-service options customers expect. Understanding exactly what your customers want, creating a seamless experience, and continuously updating your knowledge base are real challenges - but PTP is prepared to help.


Further Reading

What is the right balance of automation and the human touch in customer service? We hosted an interactive session with CX professionals to collect the information first-hand, then built an infographic to highlight the results.

Mapping and Marrying the Self-Service Experience


Self-Service Innovation at Hershey’s

Hershey’s, the world-renowned maker of chocolate and many other consumer-favorite treats, needed a scalable, unifying technology to improve collaboration across customer service departments spanning all time zones. Increased automation was required, customers needed more self-service options, and the company needed historical views of customer interactions.


So, they partnered with PTP to assess and build a solution. PTP overhauled Hershey's Contact Center and CRM technology without shutting down the existing infrastructure serving millions of customers worldwide.


The process included:

Integrating Hershey’s CRM and Contact Center infrastructure
Creating intelligent routing to get customers to the right agents
Building a comprehensive voice self-service option

Measurable Results with Big Picture Effects

Hershey’s is realizing significant results including:

Boosts in efficiency to all Contact Centers
360° customer views that provide agents immediate insight into customers’ history
An increase in first-call resolutions
An increase in voice self-service
A significant spike in sales from an increase in automation for proactive outreach for reminders and specials

Customer Self-Service at Florida DEO

When the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) was struggling to respond to high call volumes with an outdated system, PTP did a strategic assessment to figure out the right solution.


The new Contact Center solution included a self-service IVR that provided customers with helpful information and integrated with the DEO CRM for enhanced customer management. These actions, combined with other improvements, resulted in a 30-second reduction in average handle time and a 21% increase in agent quality scores.

Harness the Endless

Potential of Self-Service

When you’re in need of a customer self-service solution, you don’t need to go it alone. At PTP, we are constantly innovating new and unique ways for customers to self-serve and companies to cut costs. Contact us to schedule an assessment to get started, and prepare to reap the benefits of an outstanding customer self-service experience.