27 June 2018

10 Metrics That Matter in Customer Experience

The data shows it all, and it’s rapidly changing. Are you keeping up? 

Get PTP's latest ebook. We al know that the customer experience (CX) is rapidly becoming the key reason people choose to do business with a company. If they receive good experiences, they stay. If they receive bad experiences, they’re gone. 

In fact, according to a recent Microsoft report, 62% of global customers have stopped doing business with a brand or organization due to poor customer service experience. That’s pretty significant. 

This nugget of data, and many others, are shared in our latest ebook:
10 Metrics That Matter in Customer Experience.

We’ve culled together a series of revealing statistics that paint a picture for the future of CX, the current trends, and the recommendations on how to move forward. And we’re offering it to you.

Get The 10 Metrics in CX ebook 

Arm yourself with the right data and insights, and ensure you get help from outside professionals who can identify the gaps, recommend strategies, and provide an objective and clear perspective.

We feel pretty passionate about CX and helping our clients stand apart from the crowd. That’s why our whole business is focused solely on all the key elements to deliver superior CX. 

Get the Latest Metrics to Stay Ahead

Download our new ebook: 10 Metrics That Matter in Customer Experience

We hope it helps inform the right investments and decisions at your organization.

How Can We Help?

Contact us to learn more. We are truly interested in hearing about what you’re doing and can help you find the right solutions, technologies and processes to deliver superior CX.

Authored bY

Mark Pendolino

Mark Pendolino is the Director of Marketing at PTP, overseeing the creation of customer experience content focused on helping organizations discover best practices for evolving the customer journey. Prior to PTP, Mark managed teams for companies such as Microsoft, Smartsheet, Fujitsu, and Parsons Brinckerhoff. Mark holds a master’s in Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s in Technical Communications from Metropolitan State University of Denver. In his downtime, Mark likes to thrash a bit on the drumkit and pretend he’s a rock star.


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